Masalah dalam Kalimantan (English Version)

As an area with land border to neighbouring countries, Kalimantan faces a problem of ”illegal trading” and ”smuggling”, particularly with the rapid growth and good welfare of neighbouring citizens. Besides, ”illegal logging” – that commonly destroy the natural resources potentials (rainforest) – continuously occurs, parallel with economic needs of underdeveloped peasants near the border.

Apart from the problems within “illegal” context abovementioned, Kalimantan Island also had potential for involvement into regional economic collaboration system such as BIMP-EAGA (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine – Eastern Asian Growth Area) and within international trade line ALKI 1 and ALKI 2.

Huge potentials of Kalimantan forests come from industrial timbers, rattan, dammar and tengkawang oils. Unfortunately, timber forest products as gaharu, ramin and cendana are near extinction. Serious economical analysis on forest products and its ecosystem is required to maintain local community’s welfare as well as local and national economy.

Wide area of Kalimantan land had been badly exploited. Badly organized logging operation, failed farming planning, had left their marks on Kalimantan landscape. White sand barren lands are abandoned, lands that was home for dense forest. Annually, the savannahs become drier and get burned. The forest does not stand a chance for regeneration and the savannahs grow wider.

Although Kalimantan is free from volcanic, crust plates and earthquake dangers, the environmental dangers are potential. Banter (1993) analyze that erosion is common in north-western slope of Schawaner mountain range and Benturan mountain, as well as in other places of mid and up river of Kalimantan’s big river. Erosion caused by sea abrasion occurred in east, west and south coast. Another environment danger is forest fire during dry season caused by natural heat that burns the peat layer f the island.

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